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This is one of the tens of solutions making up the Infrastructure for Good Code for Romania is building. Help us keep them alive and grow their impact.

Send an SMS with the word “PUTEM” to 8864 and donate 4 euros monthly to Code for Romania.

Accessible information about the laws that influence our lives

We shorten the distance between legislation and citizens. Law made simple explains legislation in simple terms so that legal texts are easy to understand for as many of us as possible. Whether it's about issues that affect us every day or special life events, here you'll find the shortest path to the information you need.

Contribute to the project

Tell us what is the next life event you want us to explain here on Law Made Simple. Our team is already working to translate information about many areas that we come across every day, but we want to know what would be most useful to you as fast as possible, be it how to renew a document or how to access some services.

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