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This is one of the tens of solutions making up the Infrastructure for Good Code for Romania is building. Help us keep them alive and grow their impact.

Send an SMS with the word “PUTEM” to 8864 and donate 4 euros monthly to Code for Romania.

In life, we face many significant moments such as the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, changing jobs, or preparing for the educational process of a loved one. Often, in such situations, we feel lost because we lack the necessary legal knowledge, and the administrative system can be complex and lacking the necessary procedural transparency. Therefore, we find ourselves lost in internet groups and discussions with friends who share their experiences with us, in order to learn from the experiences of those around us. 

It is precisely in these moments that it is essential to have access to accurate and easily understandable information. Law Made Simple (in Romanian, Ce Zice Legea) is the place where legal texts find an explanation. The purpose of this platform, created by Code for Romania, is to make legal language accessible to as many people as possible, thereby helping citizens better understand their rights and obligations. The content of this solution has been created and verified with the support of our partners from the Leaders for Justice community and the European Law Students’ Association - ELSA Bucharest. 

We want anyone who is in a situation that seems impossible to understand to find an answer on Law Made Simple. For example, what should a foreign mother do when she has given birth on Romanian territory and wants to obtain the birth certificate for her child, who is not acknowledged by their father? What documents do you need if one of your close ones dies without leaving a will? Do you know your rights as an employee in case of dismissal?

Through Law Made Simple, we aim to provide answers to these questions so that each individual feels more confident and informed in the face of complex legal situations.

This is one of the over 50 solutions through which Code for Romania has helped more than 16 million people in the last 7 years.

If you want to support us to continue, send an SMS with the text PUTEM to 8864 and donate 4 Euros monthly to Code for Romania.

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