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List of resources

If you want to learn more about any of the topics covered on the Ce Zice Legea (Law Made Simple) platform, don't hesitate to access the list of resources below. In this list, you will find normative acts, decisions of public authorities and other resources, specially compiled to help you.


Legal framework

Other useful resources


Legal framework

Other useful resources


Buying and selling of real estate

Lease (rental of a property)

  • Civil Code of Romania - Book V ("On Obligations"), Title IX ("Various Special Contracts"), Chapter V ("Lease Contract"), starting from Article 1777.

Commodate (loan for use)

  • Civil Code of Romania - Book V ("On Obligations"), Title IX ("Various Special Contracts"), Chapter XIII ("Loan Contract"), starting from Article 2144.

Other relevant laws


Sale or purchase of a vehicle


Traffic rules


Other useful resources

  • Online appointments at the General Directorate for Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration (DRPCIV)


Limited Liability Company (LLC), Joint Stock Company (JSC)

Authorised Individual (AI)



  • Fiscal Code, especially Title II ("Corporate Income Tax"), Title III ("Income Tax for Micro-enterprises"), Title IV ("Income Tax"), and Title V ("Social Security Contributions")

Funding opportunities

Other useful resources

Identity and travel documents

Identity documents


Residence permits

Asylum seekers, refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection

Foreign third countries (non-EU)

Other useful resources

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